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Birthday: December 3, 1973

Born in: San Diego, Californa

Eyecolor: Brown

Mother: Lauralei Combs

Favorite Food: Italian


Congratulations to Holly & David Donoho. They got married on February 14, 2004 on Valentines day. Holly gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Finley Arthur Donoho on April 26, 2004. Both Holly and David are very excited with their new addition to their family.

Holly currently lives in the Bell Canyon area which is located in the San Fernando Valley in California, in a Spanish style, three bedroom house with all of her pets, husband David, and sweet son Finley. Holly supports the charity 'Thursday's child' because she remembers herself as a troubled child, She was often mean to her mom, punished by her teachers and dressed in black. She didn't have a good time in high school. "I kind of had a problem with authority, I wasn't very outgoing. I was shy. It was a tough time for me". Now Holly is a very down to earth person. Holly says she is not into the whole Hollywood scene. The simple pleasures in life suit her just fine. She is also the official spokesperson for the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.