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Charmed on DVD
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Number of discs: 6

All 22 episodes from the 1998-99 season

DVD Release Date: February 1, 2005


1. Something Wicca This Way Comes
2. I've Got You Under My Skin
3. Thank You For Not Morphing
4. Dead Man Dating
5. Dream Sorcerer
6. Wedding From Hell
7. The Fourth Sister
8. The Truth is Out There... And It Hurts
9. The Witch Is Back
10. Wicca Envy
11. Feats of Clay
12. The Wendigo
13. From Fear To Eternity
14. Secrets and Guys
15. Is There a Woogy in the House?
16. Which Prue Is It, Anyway?
17. That 70's Episode
18. When Bad Warlocks Go Good
19. Blind Sided
20. The Power of Two
21. Love Hurts
22. Deja Vu All Over Again


Number of Discs: 6
Number of Episodes: 22
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Stereo
Region 1
Release date: September 6, 2005


1. Witch Trial - A demon steals the book of shadows and reads the book backwards un-vanquishing 3 demons. Jeremy, The Shadow, and Nicholas return.
2. Morality Bites - One of most popular episodes. The girls travel to the future where they learn some surprising details.
3. The Painted World - Prue gets trapped into a painting.
4. The Devil's Music - Dishwalla's band manager has a deal with a demon, so the girls investigate.
5. She's A Man, Baby, A Man! - Prue turns into a man to attract the deadly succubus.
6. That Old Black Magic - The charmed ones must teach a teenager how to defeat a demon.
7. They're Everywhere - The sisters track down a group of warlocks called "collectors"
8. P3 H2O - The sisters find out the truth about their mom's death and find a new secret about her.
9. Ms. Hellfire - Prue poses as a hitwoman and also gains a new power.
10. Heartbreak City - The sisters meet Cupid and help him fidn a demon.
11. Reckless Abandon - Phoebe brings home a baby from the police station and the sisters must return him to his family.
12. Awakened - Piper falls illness to a deadly disease and needs help from a special someone.
13. Animal Pragmatism - Animals are turned human by some of Phoebe's classmates.
14. Pardon My Past - Phoebe has haunting dreams from her past life, so she visits it.
15. Give Me A Sign - Piper, deseperate to make a decision about Dan and Leo casts a spell.
16. Murphy's Luck - Prue is hired to photograph a woman but later has deadly consequences.
17. How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans - a group of witches trys to regain their youth.
18. Chick Flick - Phoebe's favorite movie comes to life.
19. Ex Libris - Phoebe befriends a ghost who doesn't know she is dead.
20. Astral Monkey - A crazed doctor injects the girls' blood into three monkies-giving them their powers.
21. Apocalypse, Not - The girls must deal with the four horsemen of apocalypse.
22. Be Careful What You Witch For - The charmed one's encounter a genie but not everything is as it seems.

Charmed Season Three DVD

Charmed - The Complete Third Season (2000)

Starring: Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs
DVD Features:

Region 1
6-Disc Set
Full Frame - 1.33
Dolby Digital Stereo - English
Dolby Digital Stereo - French
Release date:  November 15, 2005.
This season contains the following episodes:

1.)  The Honeymoon's Over :  It's a whole new beginning for the Halliwell sisters as we enter into the third season of Charmed. This season starts out when Daryll's life is put on the line by a demon called a Guardian. The sisters soon discover they must lie to a new ADA in town, Cole Turner, in order to keep their secrets as witches. Meanwhile, Prue and Phoebe get concerned after Piper returns with Leo after being gone for three months.
2) Magic Hour:  After Leo gets the nerve to propose to Piper, she soon learns that it is forbidden by the elders and the only way for them to make it work is to get married within 24 hours before they found out. While Prue and Phoebe conflict over the situation, they encounter Christopher and Brooke, two lovers who are cursed with love by a warlock. Christopher is cursed to be an owl by day and Brooke to be a wolf at night.
3) Once Upon A Time: While Phoebe is out borrowing Prue's car, she finds a little girl named Kate who is being attacked by magical trolls because they want a princess fairy that she has kept within her grasp. While Prue and Phoebe formulate a plan to help Kate, Piper goes on strike against the Powers That Be until they bring Leo back to her and Cole tries to steal the Book of Shadows from the manor.
4) All Halliwell's Eve: As the Charmed Ones get ready for a Halloween party at P3, Grimlocks return from the dead and attack at the manor. During the battle, Piper, Prue, and Phoebe are thrown into a time vortex and are sent back to the 1600's leaving Daryll and Leo at the manor alone to fight the Grimlocks themselves. After the sisters land back in time they learn they were sent by a coven of good witches to help a woman keep her magical baby from becoming evil by a dark witch.
5) Sight Unseen: Prue becomes paranoid about the evil triad and becomes too cautious after she discovers that someone was sent back in time to help destroy the Halliwell family line forever. While Piper and Phoebe think it might be someone mortal from the help of Daryll, after the manor is broken into, Prue immediately thinks it's someone or something supernatural. Also, Piper feels that due to the fact she can't find alone time with Leo, it's because his bosses aren't allowing it.
6) Primrose Empath: After Prue is lead to a man who is being kicked out of his apartment who feels all the worlds pain, she try's to help him by reading a spell but it backfires and transfers his pain to her body. She then learns he is a demon named Vincerus and he sets out to find the one who cursed him. While Prue is inflicted with all the world's pain, Piper gets the feeling that she and Leo's relationship isn't the right one, and Phoebe falls in love with Cole.
7) Power Outage: The triad soon discovers Phoebe and Cole's love for each other, and he is soon sent to them. They remind him that he is only sent there to kill the Charmed Ones, and is forbidden to fall in love or he will be killed. Cole then decides to use the sister's arguments against each other with the help of a demon named Andras, but the conflict becomes so big that it breaks the Power of Three, leaving Prue, Piper, and Phoebe defenseless.
8) Sleuthing With The Enemy: After the Charmed Ones hurt Belthazor badly, he disappears suddenly leaving Phoebe wandering where he went. While Prue and Piper concoct a potion to kill his demonic form, they encounter Krell, a bounty hunter sent to kill Belthazor. The sisters use him to help track down Cole, while Phoebe tries to find more about Cole's human side and where he is. When she discovers his demon side, she learns she must vanquish him but at the last minute she realizes their true love for each other and she fakes his death, making her two sisters believe she killed him. 
9) Coyote Piper: Piper has doubts of whether to go to her high school reunion or not due to how she was not popular in school. Meanwhile, a demon creates a woman named Terra who possesses people's bodies and eventually kills their soul. During Piper's reunion at P3, Terra enters her body, leaving Piper defenseless and Terra a new body. Prue and Phoebe have to find a way to get Terra out of Piper's body before their precious sister dies.
10) We All Scream For Ice Cream: When Prue and Phoebe are out to lunch and Prue gets a song stuck in her head, she tracks it down and soon discovers it's the song coming from inside an ice cream truck. Prue and Phoebe enter and are surprised to find a magical world with children who were trapped inside by the ice cream man. At the center of the world is something called the Nothing - which sucks in the children and anyone else who is in it's path. When Prue and Phoebe find a way to release the children, they soon find out that they are demons and the Halliwell's need their father, Victor, to aid them in vanquishing them.
11) Blinded By The Whitelighter: The Charmed Ones meet Natalie, a whitelighter friend of Leo's, who recently had one of her charges killed by a demon named Aimes. When Natalie arrives, she explains to the sisters about his power of deflection and warns them to take much caution. Of course they ignore her, and soon learn he is on his way to kill all witches and whitelighters in the world. Leo is then put on safety call with the elders which leaves Natalie in charge of the sisters. 
12) Wrestling With Demons: The Charmed Ones use Daryll to help protect a man named Tom from training to become evil. Prue soon discovers Tom was someone she had dated in high school and sets out to save him. They soon discover a training method the demons use to help recruite them to become official demons, but before this takes place the human is forced to kill an innocent. Prue immediately wants to save Tom but Piper and Phoebe agree to vanquish him. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to find a way to explain to her sisters about faking Cole's death.
13) Bride and Gloom:  While Leo and Piper make their wedding plans, Prue goes out on a date and is set up by a priestess, Dantalian, who tries to get Prue and another demon to wed, with intent to make the Book of Shadows evil so she can steal it. While the priestess works to make the ceremony complete, it slowly turns the Book of Shadows evil as well as Piper and Phoebe.
14) The Good, The Bad and The Cursed: While visiting with her father Victor in a ghost town, Phoebe gets hit with a premonition and soon discovers she is linked physically and psychically with an old Indian boy named Beau. Once the sisters investigate more, they find out the town I is in a time loop and they are cursed to live the same day over and over again until someone goes back in time and makes a sheriff who is hurting Beau learn a lesson. Once Cole shows up to help Phoebe, they learn he and Prue must be the ones to go back in time.
15) Just Harried:  While Piper and Leo try one final time to get married, the elders send the Halliwell's mother Patty, as a reward for all the pain that Piper and Leo were put through. Meanwhile, Prue's astral self decides to take over her body, which ruins Piper's ceremony and gets Prue charged with murder. Victor and Patty set out to help Piper overcome her doubt to get married to Leo, Phoebe helps Prue's astral self to become one with Prue again, and Leo and Cole find the real killer who framed Prue.
16) Death Takes A Halliwell:  Prue discovers a woman stalking her while on the beach with Phoebe and tries to chase her down but doesn't find her. Meanwhile, Seekers are sent to kill Cole but they locate his old land lady and torture her to find out more about his human side. Prue soon finds out about the Angel of Death and doesn't understand the meaning of death, especially with innocents. In her attempt to fight off death, she must turn her back on an innocent while also trying to become at peace with her mother's death when she was a child.
17) Pre-Witched: A demon named Shadow visits each Halliwell sister on a different occasion and all three of them vanquish him, or so they think. They soon learn that he must be killed nine different times in order to become all powerful, so all three sisters must be cautious not to kill him. Meanwhile, Piper decides she wants more privacy with her and Leo, so she decides to move out of the manor and into their own apartment. 
18) Sin Francisco:  A demon with balls of sin releases them unto the Charmed Ones which infects all of them, including Leo, each with a different sin. Each energy ball stays within each person for a short amount of time until they self destruct. Prue gets pride, Phoebe gets lust, Piper gets gluttony, and Leo gets sloth. The demon sends the other energy balls to a priest and a cop who Phoebe tries to get with but once he is infected with the sin of anger, he goes to the manor and tries to kill the Charmed Ones. 
19) The Demon Who Came In From The Cold: While out with Cole, Phoebe discovers that a demon murdered an innocent prophet and that demon was one of Cole's brothers. Cole then explains to Phoebe about the Brotherhood he is in with a group of demons picked by the Source. Cole decides the only way for them to destroy this and keep from killing more innocents is for Cole to go undercover as a demon returning to the Brotherhood. All goes well until Cole is put to the test by Vornac to kill an innocent to prove he is back to his demonic self which makes it look like the Charmed Ones are being double crossed. 
20) Exit Strategy:  Cole continues to stay undercover in the Brotherhood as Phoebe stays worried but Cole is then discovered and found out by Reynor, a top demon who is willing to help Cole get back to his demonic self again. In order for Cole to listen to him, Reynor holds his father's soul and puts a spell on Cole to turn into Belthazor and kill an innocent witch. Also, Piper discovers she has a new power but it malfunctions and she begins to blow up anything in site.
21) Look Who's Barking: The Charmed Ones discover a Banshee demon, who feeds on a persons pain and sorrows by letting out a blood clotting scream to their victims, is on the loose and when Phoebe gets a premonition of an innocent being killed, she immediately thinks Cole did it. They soon find out that he was not responsible for it. When the Charmed Ones find a spell to help save innocents from the Banshee's, Prue is turned into a dog, the only animal able to track them down. Prue goes after a Banshee demon, meanwhile Phoebe gets turned into a Banshee herself, leaving Piper and Leo find Prue when they soon discover that Cole is the only key to turning Phoebe back to her normal self. 
22) All Hell Breaks Loose: 
While helping an innocent doctor from being killed, the sisters hide him at the manor away from Shax the demon who is after him. While Prue and Piper try to locate him once again, Phoebe goes to the Underworld to convince Cole that their love still exists. In their attempt to vanquish the demon, they are filmed and are soon exposed as witches on live television. While trying to fight off camera's and still save their innocent, Piper is shot and Prue rushes her to the hospital. Soon, the sisters find out the only way to turn back time is to make a deal with the dark side so that Phoebe will have to stay in the Underworld forever but in their attempt they lose their oldest sister Prue in the battle, leaving you at a cliffhanger end of the season finale.
This was Shannen Doherty's Final Season.

Charmed Season 4 DVD.




This item released  February 28, 2006.

Number of Discs: 6
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Stereo
Region 1


Although many will say season 3 was the last great season of Charmed, season 4 actually holds the title. While later seasons do have their share of fun and excitement (even though it is not nearly as entertaining as the earlier seasons). Season 4 introduces Paige, the Halliwell sisters' half-sister. With oldest sister Prue dead the power of three is reconstituted with Paige.


Season 4 Includes The Episodes:

1. Charmed Again Part 1 - With Prue dead, Piper and Phoebe are lured to their recently discovered half-sister Paige.

2. Charmed Again Part 2 - The sisters finally convince Paige about their withcy ways and the power of three is reconstituted.

3. Hell Hath No Fury - After being filled with anger over the loss of Prue, Piper becomes a Fury during a battle.

4. Enter The Demon - Phoebe and Paige switch bodies and also have to thwart a demon in Limbo.

5. Size Matters - The sisters are shrunken to 6 inches tall.

6. A Knight To Remember - Paige's past life comes back to haunt her.

7. Brain Drain - The Source convinces Piper that she is in a mental hospital and attempts to make her give up her powers.

8. Black As Cole - Cole must face what his demonic alter ego has done when a woman wants to kill him.

9. Muse To My Ears - Muses have been kidnapped and it is up to sisters to save them.

10. A Paige From The Past - Paige goes back to her teenage years to deal with her issues.

11. Trial By Magic - Phoebe has jury duty and is convinced that the accused murderer is innocent when the others say he is guilty.

12. Lost And Bound - The girls help a young boy who is wanted by the Source.

13. Charmed And Dangerous - When The Source releases the power of the Hollow, the whole magic communnity is in danger.

14. The Three Faces Of Phoebe - Not sure if she wants to marry Cole, Phoebe enlists the help of her younger and older self.

15. Marry-Go-Round - The Day of Phoebe and Cole's wedding day is finally upon us. But Cole has another agenda.

16. The Fifth Halliwheel - Paige begins to feel like a fifth wheel to Phoebe and Cole and Piper and Leo.

17. Saving Private Leo - Two of Leo's best friends from the army who died blame Leo for their death and want revenge.

18. Bite Me - A vampire queen turns Paige into a vampire in an attempt to dethrone the Source.

19. We're Off To See The Wizard - Phoebe tells her sisters that she is pregnant with Cole's baby.

20. Long Live The Queen - With Phoebe as the queen of the underworld, ruling alongside Cole, the power of three may be destroyed forever.

21. Womb Raider - The Seer tries to steal Phoebe's baby and become the ruler of the underworld.

22. Witch Way Now? - After all of the demons throughout the last four years, the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a chance to live normal lives, but will they accept?

Season 4 is definately one that will go down to be remembered, with Paige arriving and Phoebe and Cole's relationship, this is arguably one of the most dramatic seasons of the show ever made.

Charmed Season Five DVD

Number of Discs: 6
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Stereo
Region 1
Charmed Season Five DVD In Stores Now.


1. A Witch's Tail Part 1 - The sisters help Mylie (Jamie Pressly), a mermaid, with a deal she made with the sea-hag.

2. A Witch's Tail Part 2 - Phoebe becomes a mermaid and Paige and Piper must convince her to return home.

3. Happily Ever After - A witch uses the power of fairy tales to create problems for the charmed ones.

4. Siren Song - A siren is in town preying on married men.

5. Witches In Tights - the sisters are transformed into superheros in order to take out a demon.

6. The Eyes Have It - The Charmed Ones encounter a gypsy curse and aid their friend Eva to show her the way of magic.

7. Sympathy For The Demon - Barbas is back to wreck some havok on the charmed ones.

8. A Witch In Time - Phoebe must constantly save her boyfriend from dying and if she doesn't stop, she will die.

9. Sam I Am - Paige meets her father, Sam, for the first time.

10. Y Tu Mummy Tambien - Pheobe gets mummified and her sisters must rescue her.

11. The Importance Of Being Phoebe - Cole kidnaps Phoebe and sends a shapeshifter to impersonate her.

12. Centennial Charmed - Paige orbs into an alternate reality and must find a way to vanquish Cole, once and for all.

13. House Call - A witch doctor cleans the manor for all the spirits vanquished there over the years.

14. Sand Francisco Dreamin' - the girls must save a sandman.

15. The Day The Magic Died - When the whole magical community shuts down, something big is in the making.

16. Baby's First Demon - 2 Demons are after Baby Wyatt and the sisters are surprised by some of his own powers.

17. Lucky Charmed - Leprachauns are in town and being killed.

18. Cat House - Piper and Leo have marriage counseling and Phoebe and Paige relive some of the past events of the show.

19. Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun - Paige gets turned into a nymph.

20. Sense and Sense Ability - The girls have a curse put on them with the famous "Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil"

21. Necromancing The Stone - Grams is back and confronted by an old lover.

22. Oh My Goddess Part 1 - The Titans are released and out for vengeance against the elders.

23. Oh My Goddess Part 2 - The sisters, now greek goddesses, are seduced by their powers.

Charmed Season Six DVD

Number of Discs: 6
Video: Full Frame (1.33:1)
Audio: English - Stereo
Region 1
Release Date: October 17, 2006


1 and 2. Valhalley Of The Dolls Parts 1 and 2 - With Leo missing, the sisters turn into Valkyries in order to save him.

3. Forget Me...Not - Wyatt conjures a dragon and it is loose in the city. The Cleaners also want to erase Wyatt from everyone's memory.

4. The Power Of Three Blondes - 3 blonde sisters want the Charmed One's identies. Pretty fun episode.

5. Love's A Witch - Paige stumbles upon a feud between two magical families and even finds love at the same time.

6. My Three Witches - Chris tries to teach the sisters a lesson.

7. Soul Survivor - Paige tries to save her boss's soul, even at the risk of losing her own.

8. Sword And The City - Piper pulls Excalibur out of its stone and consequences arise.

9. Little Monsters - The sisters become foster parents for a half demon baby, without Chris' approval.

10. Chris-Crossed - Bianca, a assassin from the future, arrives to try to take Chris' powers.

11. Witchstock - Paige is taken back in time where she encounters Grams, who was a hippie.

12. Prince Charmed - Phoebe and Paige conjure "Mr. Right" for Piper as a birthday present.

13. Used Karma - Phoebe is possessed by the spirit of Mata Hari.

14. The Legend Of Sleepy Halliwell - The sisters discover Magic School and must save it from the Headless Horseman.

15. I Dream Of Phoebe - Phoebe frees a genie from a bottle and becomes one herself.

16. The Courtship Of Wyatt's Father - Piper and Leo are trapped in the ghostly plane, with a darklighter on their tail.

17. Hyde School Reunion - Phoebe reverts back to her troublesome teenage self, as her high school reunion approaches.

18. Spin City - Piper is cocooned by the spider demon and Paige, Phoebe and Leo need to save her.

19. Crimes And Witch Demeanors - Darryl is on trial for murder and it is up to the sisters to save him.

20. A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right - Paige conjures up her own Mr. Right for personal pleasure but unbeknownst to her, releases his evil twin, Mr. Wrong.

21. Witch Wars - The sisters are on a demonic reality show, with them as the prey.

22 and 23. It's A Bad Bad Bad Bad World Parts 1 and 2 - Phoebe and Paige are transported to a parallel world where evil dominates everything.

Charmed Season 7

1. A Call To Arms - When Piper and Leo attend a Hindu wedding, they become possessed by Hindu gods.

2. The Bare Witch Project - A student at magic school accidently conjures Lady Godiva, and the sisters must help return her to her time so she can finish her ride.

3. Cheaper By The Coven - Chris' wiccaning is upon us and the sister summon Grams for help, but when a spell goes awry, the sisters revert to their teenage selves.

4. Charrrmed! - A pirate comes to town searching for the fountain of youth.

5. Styx Feet Under - The Angel of Death is back after Paige casts a spell that blocks all death.

6. Once In A Blue Moon - The sisters are transformed into beasts.

7. Someone To Witch Over Me - Guardian Angels are being captured. Meanwhile Leo goes on a vision quest.

8. Charmed Noir - Paige and Angent Brody are trapped in a 40's Noir book.

9. There's Something About Leo - The sisters find out Leo is an avatar and the consequences are dire when Kyle Brody finds out.

10. Witchness Protection - The Seer is under attack and the sisters reluctantly help her. One of my favorites, Charisma Carpenter is great as the Seer and she finally gets more screen time than in Cheaper By The Coven and Styx Feet Under.

11. Ordinary Witches - Paige takes Kyle back to the past to find out how his parents died.

12. Extreme Makeover: World Edition - The sisters are about ready to makeover the world, when Kyle casts a paranoia spell on them.

13. Charmageddon - Leo forms an unlikely alliance with Zankou so he can try to reverse the change.

14. Carpe Demon - Drake, an ex-demon, applies for a teaching position at magic school and ends up taking Phoebe on a wild ride around San Francisco as Robin Hood.

15. Show Ghouls - Phoebe and Drake are transported back to 1899, to help find out what happened at a cabaret.

16. The Seven Year Witch - Piper ends up in a coma, Leo loses his memory and tries to find his way back to his family and Cole returns to restore Phoebe's faith in love.

17. Scry Hard - Wyatt shrinks Piper and Leo into a dollhouse.

18. Little Box Of Horrors - The sisters must find Pandora's box before someone unleashes the evil inside.

19. Freaky Phoebe - An ugly sorceress switches bodies with Phoebe.

20. Imaginary Fiends - Wyatt's imaginary friend is a demon who is trying to turn him evil.

21. Death Becomes Them - Dead innocents from the sisters' past comes back to haunt them, thanks to Zankou.

22. Something Wicca This Way Goes - The girls finally go after Zankou when he gains control of the Nexus.

Charmed Season 8 on dvd coming September 2007.